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World History Syllabus

 Semester I Grading Period 1 -The First Civilizations- -Ancient Egypt- -Civilizations of Mesopotamia- -The Greek City-States, Greece’s Golden and Hellenistic Ages-   Grading Period 2 -The Roman World- -Judaism and Christianity- -Islam- -The Americas- Semester II Grading Period 3 -Ancient China and India- -The Mongols and Feudal Japan- -The Rise of the Middle Ages & The High Middle Ages- -Exploration …

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Extra Credit Topics – Halter’s History

Extra Credit Paper Requirements Paper Must Be: Typed 12 font Font must be Times New Roman 2 page minimum in length for 20 Points, or 3 pages for 30 points Double spaced NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Source must be listed on a separate page (Minimum of Two), (5 points will automatically be deducted for failure to list sources!) Name and class period …

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NOTES: Rise of the Middle Ages

Feudalism – A system of rule by local lords who were bound to a king by ties of loyalty.  The people lived under a rigid class system (see page 296 in the book). Manor – A village and the lands around it that was controlled by the local lord. Serfs – The lowest class in a feudal society often tied …

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NOTES: The Crusades

Massacre of Jerusalem – Crusaders of the 1st Crusade killed the entire Muslim population of Jerusalem.   Battle of the Horns of Hattin – The battle that lead to the fall of Jerusalem, as well as the 3rdCrusade.  Saladin’s forces defeated those of King Guy of Jerusalem and stole the True Cross that Jesus was supposedly crucified on.   Saladin …

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