Chapter 25 Worksheet


  1. The rise of the British __________________________ in India owed much to the rivalry between the British and the French.


  1. Madras, Bombay, and Calcutta became the administrative centers of the three __________________________ that made up the bulk of the territory that Britain ruled in India.


  1. The venality and misgovernment of the Indian __________________________ resulted in the catastrophic Bengal famine of 1770.


  1. A succession of reforms in India culminated in sweeping measures taken in the 1790s by Lord __________________________.


  1. The greater portion of European empires consisted of __________________________ in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific in which small numbers of Europeans ruled large numbers of non-Western peoples.


  1. In __________________________, the descendants of European settlers made up the overwhelming majority of the population.


  1. In __________________________ colonies, Europeans and indigenous peoples increasingly clashed over land rights, resource control, social status, and differences in culture.


  1. When diamonds were discovered in the Orange Free State in 1867, British entrepreneurs such as __________________________ began to move in.


  1. Hawaii was opened to the West through the voyages of Captain __________________________ from 1777 to 1779.


  1. King __________________________ of Hawaii promoted economic change, encouraging Western merchants to establish export trade in Hawaiian goods in return for increasing revenues to the royal treasury.

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