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#1 Pirate Place

Charlestown, IN


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School Hours

Building Open to Students 7:45 am

Student Instructional Day 8:10 am to 2:55 pm

Mission Statement

The Charlestown High School community is dedicated to providing quality opportunities for all students to learn and develop while striving to reach their own levels of individual excellence as they prepare for their future in an ever-changing society.  A safe and orderly environment, utilizing the continuous support of the entire school community, will best provide these opportunities.

Charlestown High School students can best meet their needs and goals when all members of the school community are committed to establishing a consistent framework of communication, varied teaching strategies, appropriate curriculum, teamwork, collaboration, offerings in the latest technology, and recognizing the importance of ethical behavior and self-motivation in the development of individual life skills.

Foundations of our Bridge

    • All students can learn, grow, and develop.


    • Communication is most effective when it includes on-going interaction among all members of the school community.


    • The school community best supports students when quality teamwork, collegiality, and collaboration are utilized in working relationships.


    • A safe and orderly school climate is best developed when there is a consistent and fair approach to discipline and expectations of behavior.


    • Basic, fundamental competencies in life skills and communication technologies are essential ingredients for student success in all postsecondary life choices.


    Teachers can best assist student learning, growth, and development when they provide quality instruction that includes a diverse array of motivating, creative, and varied teaching strategies that reach all learning styles.

About CHS

Charlestown High School (CHS) houses grades nine through twelve and has an enrollment of approximately 725 students. The mission of CHS is to academically challenge students, for students to enjoy varied learning opportunities, maintain character growth, and develop strategic skills that will enable them to become real world problem solvers. The CHS staff believes that true learning comes from active exploration, interaction, and discovery and not from a passive transfer of knowledge. They also believe that true teaching focuses on the needs of the learner, and they value child-centered curriculum and experiential learning.

CHS staff believes the future of a student’s success is through technology and course rigor, and they strive to stay ahead of that curve. CHS recently completed a 41 million dollar renovation project. The renovation enables CHS to offer state-of–the-art science labs, interactive whiteboards, ceiling mounted LCD units, and wireless internet throughout the building.

CHS is small enough to give students a personal touch, yet large enough to offer a demanding curriculum that includes Advanced Placement (AP) Courses in Chemistry, Physics, Government, Economics, English, Biology, History, and Calculus. Our partnership with Ivy Tech allows us to offer over 60 Dual Credits at no charge to students. CHS is one of the only Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a nationally recognized pre-engineering program, sites in Southern Indiana, with pathways in Engineering and Biomedical Science. CHS is home to The Pirate Network, WPMQ 99.3 FM, a student run radio station and television program. CHS also boasts 19 varsity sports, an award-winning choir, a marching band, and an excellent theatre department.

Outstanding Qualities

  • State-of-the-art Building with SmartBoard or Promethean technology and Wireless Internet throughout the building

  • State-of-the-art Athletic Facilities and Updated Weight Room

  • District one-to-one computer initiative – HP Chromebook for every student

  • 9 Students Earned a Transfer General Education Certificate from Ivy Tech in 2018

  • 33 Students Earned an Associate Degree from Ivy Tech in 2018

    • 52 Additional Students Earned 30+ Dual Credits in 2018
    • 26 Students Completed a Semester of Dual Credits in 2018
  • 177 Received Diplomas in 2018: 97.3% Graduation Rate

  • 83/182 Academic Honors Diplomas in 2018 (45.6%; State Average is 33%)
  • PRIDE (Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, Efficiency) Positive Behavior Support Program

  • Technology Industry Certifications in IC3 and MOS

  • Fully Functioning Student Radio Station (WPMQ 99.3 FM) and Student Television Program
  • Pre-Engineering PLTW program

  • 15 Honors Courses, and 7 AP Courses

  • Over 200 students receiving College Dual Credits since 2013

  • Over $2.6 Million Awarded to Seniors in Scholarship Offers + $555,000 in Tuition Savings=$3.1 Million in Savings

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