Scholastic Reading Counts! is an independent reading program for Grades K–12 which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment. Instructionally flexible, mastery focused, and professionally written, SRC! is the program PROVEN to develop reading skills, help raise test scores, and motivate students to achieve reading success.

Rewards Program

Students can now win prizes and adulation for passing Reading Counts! test throughout the year at Charlestown High School! Rewards can be earned by classes as well as individuals who earn the most points in Reading Counts each nine weeks!

Class Rewards

The English class that earns the highest average points will be rewarded with a party.  Parties will include either doughnuts, pizza or ice cream depending on time of day party is held.   Final scores will be tabulated on the last day of each nine weeks.


Individual Rewards

Students will have the opportunity to earn prizes based on the RC points they earn individually.  Categories and prizes are as follows:

Crew 100 Candy Bar
First Mates 250 Movie Ticket
Captains 500 $10 Gift Certificate
Admirals 1000 $25 Amazon Gift Card

Points earned are determined by the following factors:

Lexile, length of book, and RC score

 Is this book a Reading Counts! book? 

This easy-to-use database helps teachers, students, and parents locate the right title to read next.

 Book Expert Online

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