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WPMQ, The Pirate Network


At WPMQ, students learn the basics of operating a radio station–how to cue mics, program songs, write radio shows and material, make public service announcements, record grant spots and more.  Students learn a lot more than just how to work at a radio station.  Students learn communication skills that will carry over into many realms of broadcasting in radio, television, Internet streaming, YouTube hosting, and more. The goal is for students to gain enough knowledge from the curriculum to move on to the next level, whether that be through a college program or straight into the workforce.  If your goals is to be a radio DJ, voiceover talent, sportscaster, news anchor, or even host a show, the radio/television program at CHS will provide a terrific foundation.

Below is the Daily Show Schedule:

8:10-8:55 “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” with Daylen, Joey, & Tim
9:00-9:45 “It Gets Worse” with Evan & McKenzie

9:50-10:35 Karen and Christina
12:30-1:15 “Mammal Mondays” with Alexis & Holly
1:20-2:05 “Double Celebrity Duo” with Alexis & Travis
2:05-2:55 “The Jeanett Show” with Jeanett

8:10-8:55 “Daywatch” with Carrley, Haylee, Lexi, Maddie & Sidney
9:00-9:45 “Treble Makers” with Gannon
9:50-10:35 “Mediocre Millionaires” with Cameron & Harley
12:30-1:15 “Buzzer Beaters” with Austin, Blake, Bradley, & Matthew
1:20-2:05 “C.S. Weekly” with Gage & James
2:05-2:55 “The D.M. Show” with  James

8:10-8:55 “QuestionAir” with Brandon, Dylan, & Jovany
9:00-9:45 “Sports Insiders” with Clayton, Lucas, & Matthew
9:50-10:35 “The Food Dudes” with Matt
12:30-1:15 “The Kat and Matt Show” with Kat, Matt, & Mason
1:20-2:05 “The Weekly Huddle” with Madey & Wyatt
2:05-2:55 “The Overtime” with Johnie & Vincent

8:10-8:55 “Men-o-War” with Brendan, Brody, Dakotah, & Quinton
9:00-9:45 “Rocking the Crow’s Nest” with Aaron & Eric
9:50-10:35 “The Classic Rock Hour” with Britany
12:30-1:15 “Righteous Radio” with Jas, Noah, & Terry
1:20-2:05 “The Nearby Boys” Austin & Brandon
2:05-2:55 “On Air” with Nick & Jack-son

8:10-8:55 Faculty Fridays (DJs rotate)
9:00-9:45 Brock & Gage
9:50-10:35 Faculty Fridays (DJs rotate)
12:30-1:15 “The J.T. Show” with Jacob & Tailyn
1:20-2:05  “Random Radio” with Jordan & Brendan
2:05-2:55  Gracie and Kyle

Below is the sports broadcasting schedule for the 2017-18 Basketball Season:

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