NOTES: The Crusades

Massacre of Jerusalem – Crusaders of the 1st Crusade killed the entire Muslim population of Jerusalem.


Battle of the Horns of Hattin – The battle that lead to the fall of Jerusalem, as well as the 3rdCrusade.  Saladin’s forces defeated those of King Guy of Jerusalem and stole the True Cross that Jesus was supposedly crucified on.


Saladin – A great Muslim leader who would take back the Holy Lands from the Christians during the 3rd Crusade.


Richard I – He was known as the Lion Heart, he is the king of the Robin Hood stories.  He would order the execution of over 3,000 Muslim captives including women and children.  When he left the Holy Land he had failed to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims, but he signed a treaty with Saladin so that Christians could visit in peace.


Children’s Crusade – Occurring in 1212, it was a Crusade led by children who were convinced that God would lead them to victory.  None of the children ever returned, they either died or were sold into slavery.


Mongols – Horseman from the steppes of Asia, who conquered the Middle East in the 1200’s.


Hulagu – The great Mongol leader and grandson of Genghiz Khan, who is sent to restore order in Persia.  He will eventually help Islam spread by taking it back to Asia.


Cult of the Assassins – A radical Muslim cult that killed many of the Crusaders, they were wiped out by the Mongols under Hulagu.


Ottoman Turks – Muslim empire that will control the Middle East and Persia after the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

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