High School Radio Stations

Approximately one year ago, Greater Clark began its pursuit of radio frequencies for both Jeffersonville and Charlestown through a process initiated by the Federal Communications Commission.  Greater Clark applied for frequencies in both locations, was able to secure its own license for Jeffersonville High School, and, through a inter-local agreement with the City of Charlestown, will construct and operate a radio station at Charlestown High School.  In order to serve New Washington High School, a satellite radio studio will be built so students can broadcast over the Charlestown High School frequency. 

On February 3, the Greater Clark County Schools’ Board of Trustees approved the implementation of radio and television programs at the district’s high schools. The estimated initial investment for construction of the radio towers and studios, as well as equipment, will be $1,983,971 at Jeffersonville High School, $1,698,691 at Charlestown High School, and $120,000 at New Washington High School. Ongoing operational costs will primarily be funded through state CTE (Career and Technical Education) funding for each student enrolled in the program, as well as underwriting grants received from area businesses on an annual basis.

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