Comparing Fractions Activities


Virtual Manipulatives – Comparing Fractions


Dirt Bike Comparing


Fraction Word Problems


Equivalent Fractions Activities


Virtual Manipulatives – Equivalent Fractions


Quia – Equivalent Fractions


Quia – Matching Equivalent Fractions


Quia – Concentration with Equivalent Fractions


Fraction Dolphin


Greatest Common Factor Activities – Greatest Common Factor


Adding &/or Subtracting Fractions Activities


Virtual Manipulatives – Adding Fractions


Quia – Adding Fractions Battleship

(Unlike denominators)


Quia – Adding & Subtracting Fractions Jeopardy


Quia – Adding Fractions Hangman


Quia – Fraction Review – Rags to Riches


AAA Math – Subtracting with Diff Denominators


AAA Math – Subtracting Mixed Numbers


Kahn Academy – Adding Fractions


Kahn Academy – Subtracting Fractions


Multiplying &/or Dividing Fractions Activities


Virtual Manipulatives – Beginning Multiplying Fractions


A+ Math – Multiplying and Reducing Fractions


Dositey – Mystery Picture


Fact Monster – Multiplying Fractions


Funbrain – Soccer Shootout


Kahn Academy – Multiplying Fractions


Multiplying Fractions Word Problems


Dividing Fractions


Dividing Fractions Word Problems




Quia Jeopardy – Fraction, Decimal, Percent, etc.


Quia Challenge – Fraction, Decimal, Percent


Quia – Rags to Riches


Skillswise – Comparing Fractions, Decimals, and Percents


Math Playground – Matching Fractions & Percents

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