CHS Iron Chef

On Monday, March 16th, Charlestown High School’s Nutrition and Wellness Classes from Mrs. Cassady’s periods 3 and 5 will go head to head for a final winner to take on GCCS & Aramark’s corporation Chef and his team for the first annual Charlestown HS Iron Chef Competition. The idea of this competition is to provide kids the experience of menu planning, ordering, cooking, preparing, and presenting food, while learning the federal guidelines that School Corporation’s Food Services are faced with. The students will analyze for nutrient content to ensure they meet these guidelines, they will then practice preparing and perfecting their dishes for competition. The final dish will consist of 1 entrée, 1 fruit and 1 vegetable. Each team will have 40 minutes to prepare, cook and present their dishes for judging.The winning team will have their meal featured on CHS’s May menu.

Our goal is that by allowing our students to participate in the menu planning process with the federal guidelines, they will have a better understanding of nutritional needs and how to make the food they love meet these guideline, look amazing, and taste unbelievably!

The dishes will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Taste: Do the flavors go together? Is it seasoned well?
  • Plating: Does it look appealing? Does it make sense?
  • Originality: Did they do something creative?


  • Dr. Melin, Superintendent of Schools – Greater Clark County
  • Teresa Zollman, Board of Trustees – Greater Clark County Schools
  • Elizabeth Foland, MS,RD – Team Nutrition Specialist, School & Community Nutrition, IDOE


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