Chapter 26 Worksheet

  1. Under the able leadership of _________________________ and other blacks, the independent republic of Haiti was proclaimed in 1804.
  1. In 1808, Napoleon placed the king of Spain and his son under arrest and forced them to abdicate in favor of his ________________________.


  1. In northern South America, _________________________, a wealthy Creole officer, emerged as the leader of the revolt against Spain.


  1. A struggle often developed between _________________________, who wanted to create strong national governments with broad powers, and federalists, who wanted policies to be set by regional governments.


  1. The _________________________ of 1823 stated clearly that any attempt to colonize in the Americas would be considered an unfriendly act by the United States.


  1. Following defeat in the Mexican American War, Mexico was forced to sign the disadvantageous Treaty of ________________________.


  1. At French urging, _________________________, an Austrian archduke, was convinced to take the throne of Mexico in 1862.


  1. The United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, which declared their independence in 1816, soon split apart, and local caudillos, able to call on the support of mounted rural workers, or _________________________, dominated each region.


  1. By 1862, in a movement resembling La Reforma in Mexico, the provinces surrounding the Rio de la Plata were united in a unified nation called the _________________________.


  1. In the provinces of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, coffee estates, or _________________________, began to spread toward the interior as new lands were opened

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