If your chromebook is broken, the media center is the place to bring it for repair.  Please bring in chromebook during periods 1 or 7 only.  Students who turn in a damaged chromebook will be issued a loaner chromebook to use until their own chromebook is repaired and returned.  Loaner chromebooks will not be issued to students who forget to …

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Supplemental Chromebook Insurance

GCCS offers a supplemental insurance for $12 which covers the replacement/repair cost of a chromebook if it is stolen or vandalized.  Students must report a stolen/vandalized chromebook to Mrs. Von Almen or Mr. Rowland as soon as possible after the theft.  A police report will need to be filed and a copy given to Mrs. Von Almen in the media …

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Chromebook Insurance

All chromebooks are covered by insurance for damage repair such as a cracked screen.  Students must fill out repair form when bringing in chromebook for repair and explain how chromebook was damaged.  Excessively damaged chromebooks or chromebooks damaged due to neglect or abuse may not be covered by insurance.  Multiple incidents of damage by one student may result in losing …

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