AP World History Worksheets

Chapter 27 Worksheet

The _________________________ reforms in the Ottoman Empire, between 1839 and 1876 reorganized education, established railways and telegraph systems, and resulted in a constitution based on European prototypes.   _________________________, the head of the coalition of Mamluk households that shared power in Egypt at the time of Napoleon’s arrival, dismissed the invader as insignificant.   Intermarrying with Turkish families, Muhammad Ali’s …

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Chapter 26 Worksheet

Under the able leadership of _________________________ and other blacks, the independent republic of Haiti was proclaimed in 1804. In 1808, Napoleon placed the king of Spain and his son under arrest and forced them to abdicate in favor of his ________________________.   In northern South America, _________________________, a wealthy Creole officer, emerged as the leader of the revolt against Spain.   …

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Chapter 25 Worksheet

  The rise of the British __________________________ in India owed much to the rivalry between the British and the French.   Madras, Bombay, and Calcutta became the administrative centers of the three __________________________ that made up the bulk of the territory that Britain ruled in India.   The venality and misgovernment of the Indian __________________________ resulted in the catastrophic Bengal famine …

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